English grammar and punctuation refresh

– is an intermediate level course designed for those with a general understanding of English writing, but wish to refresh and strengthen their core skills.

The standard course is four hours long, but can be catered for a shorter or longer course dependent on student requirements.

It can also take place in one day or spread over several evenings.

Who’s it for?

This course is designed for adults who would like to gain confidence and develop their ability in writing English. Typically, course participants need to improve their English for a number of reasons including some doubts they have in their technical writing abilities and questions they wish to set firm in their mind.

The Benefits

At the end of this English course you can expect to:

  • Improve your grammar and punctuation.
  • Understand the core technical principles in English writing.
  • Grow your confidence in writing.
  • Write accurately and fluently.
  • Be able to help others who may have questions on grammar and punctuation.

Course Content

This course can be split up into four, one hour, sections or can take place all in one day depending on your requirements and schedule.


The course will cover, but is not limited to the below:

– Sentence construction and its four key elements

Simple. Compound. Complex. Compound – complex.

– The 9 traditional parts of speech

Noun: Naming words (a chance).
Pronoun: Noun substitute (their last chance)
Verb: Doing or being word (they lost the chance)
Adjective: Describes nouns or pronouns (fat chance)
Adverb: Describes adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs (a very slim chance; she danced divinely)
Article: Specifies definiteness or indefiniteness of a noun (the dance; a good chance)
Conjunction: Joining word (a slim chance and a very slim chance)
Preposition: A word that positions (at the dance)
Interjection: Conveys emotion or sentiment (Wow! What a dance!)

– Coordinating conjunctions.

– Punctuation categories.

Stoppers: Full stop or period, comma. Linkers: Semicolon, colon, dash. Intruders: Comma pair, dash pair, bracket pair. Intoners: Exclamation and question marks. Others

– Past, present and future tense.

– Rules for using the comma.

– Active Voice (write stronger sentences).

Find out more:

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  • This course is held at flexible times



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