Creative Writing 101:

Creative Writing 101 is a course designed to inspire and lay down some of the key foundations for creative writing. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but this course offers interesting insights and information on the craft of creating writing.

This course is 4 hours long.


Creative Writing 101 is a course designed for anyone interested or actively engaged in fictional creative writing. This course covers key ideas, approaches and ideas around creative writing.

This course is well suited to those just starting in creative writing, intermediate level or those who wish just to have a refresh in the whole area.


At the end of this English course you can expect to:

  • See great improvements at articulating your ideas and thoughts in creative writing.
  • Improved confidence in your writing.
  • Developing story lines.
  • Developing characters.
  • All round better knowledge of the creative writing process.


  • A brief history of fictional writing and some famous works of literature.
  • An overview of how to approach writing your novel or short story.
  • How to gather ideas and create story lines.
  • Character creation.
  • Evocation and proflowance (get your readers engaged and keep the story moving)
  • Improved confidence of sharing your ideas and thoughts.
  • Discussion and questions answered.


  • Please use the contact form below to make an enquiry for this course
  • This course is held at flexible times