Homo Sapiens have been sharing, telling and engaging with one another using creative work and storytelling since they have been able to speak.

There is growing evidence that one reason the success Homo Sapiens have had in inhabiting every corner of the Earth and surviving in most environments is because of storytelling. A shared notion of ideas and beliefs that held us strong and bonded us together. This behaviour, of course, is as strong as ever in modern-day society.

This ability for storytelling has had some of the most powerful effects on humankind, but when not used with care, these have not always led to positive results. However, the fact remains we are enthralled, captivated and entertained by the words we speak and the stories that bind us together.

Being able to effectively write and tell the stories you want is a wonderful skill to craft and to share with others. Whether you wish to do this as a hobby or for something more serious – it is a craft that is honourably worth cultivating to the best of your abilities.

This can be both in fiction and non-fiction writing. Projecting a powerful message, such as putting across a meaningful story as a business leader is a key skill in creativity, and just as important as to what a fiction writer may write in a book.

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