Critical Thinking

In the modern age we are bombarded with opinions, views and stories on real-world events that may or may not be close to the truth. Some notable news organisations, individuals and some independent opinion journalism – also go out of their way to push their interests or those of who they work for. Often by evoking our emotions and creating headline-grabbing stories.

So it can be a minefield navigating our way through this information – however with critical thinking, a positive approach to human nature and just some well rounded common sense we can see our way through to the truth or at least a subjective view, without being mindlessly pushed into one way of thinking. To help you proceed in this way, if need be, please see the articles below on critical thinking, on modern-day distractions, human nature and how best to approach life with a mindful mindset.

  • The Brain

Humans Are Natural Born Story Tellers

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Where stories originated and how they stimulate our brains. Storytelling is fundamental for humans and provides a way for us to understand the world around us... The need to engage oneself in stories is everlasting and dates back millions of [...]

  • Thinking fast and slow

Writing in the Flow

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Nobel Prize-winning psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman refers to the concept of “flow” in his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. It is an interesting concept, and one relevant to writers. The term is more commonly used to describe good prose, [...]