Open ReadingsThe next Writers Initiative open reading will be held at the Barbican in central London.

If you live or can travel in Central London then please do click the link below or sign up to our newsletter to keep an eye out for such future meetings.

These open readings provide a friendly atmosphere and a chance to read out your written work – from your short stories to part of your novel, or any fictional/non-fictional work you would like to share. Each reading will be followed by constructive feedback and thoughts from fellow attendees.

We have 25 signs up so far, but there is a waiting list if you wish to try and join or please do join the meetup group to be notified of future readings.

– This session is an excellent opportunity to gauge feedback on your work and learn where you can improve.

– Each reading will have a time limit of up to 10 minutes max in length. (There will be a subtle alarm sound at the end of 10 mins to help keep the session moving forward in good time).

– There will also be the option to share your writing on the screen so people can read along to it.

– For the attendees who wish to read their work, please just attend and volunteer at the time. We will try and accommodate as many readings as possible. (For this next session I am also allowing people to message me so I can put them into an order to see how well this works).


Date: Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Click the Link here to Sing Up to the Open Readings

Agenda: (10:30 am to 12:30 pm)

1. Session start: 10.30 am.
2. Short Introduction and summary of proceedings.
3. The first writer to give their reading.
5. Further readings.
6. Close and thanks.