Build a Free WordPress Website Workshop (Online)

You will be taken through the process of setting up your own free website. This process will cover the setup of a simple website including a homepage, contact and blog page.


Sign up and Details:

— This online workshop is suitable for those who have never used WordPress before or would consider themselves at a beginner level.

— This workshop will take place over Zoom (login passcode will be sent to attendees near the time of the workshop).

— You will not need any coding skills for this workshop.

— As this WordPress website is provided for free from WordPress – the URL (website address) will have ‘WordPress’ in the title. E.g. It will be – instead of

— To sign up to this workshop please see the link here:


1. Introduction:
1.1 The difference between and
1.2 Creating a clear vision for your website.
1.3 Listing the key requirements and prioritising.

2. Sourcing design assets and images.

3. Stage 1:
3.1 Setting up the site.
3.2 Choosing a template to start with.

4. Stage 2:
4.1 Initial configuration.
4.2 Adding pages.
4.3 Adding posts.
4.4 Adding a Menu and Customisation.

5. An Agile approach: Don’t aim to be perfect! Some of the best feedback you’ll get is when the site is live.


Any questions please ask.

(The course will be held by Chris Mitchell who has worked in technology and project management roles for over 10 years and who has built numerous websites, both large and small.)