It is all human nature

Isn’t it funny it’s called human nature, but are those two words more disconnected than ever before?

aerial view of people walking on raod
Human nature is used to describe the fundamental qualities and tendencies that are inherent in human beings. However, it seems that as time passes, we are becoming increasingly disconnected from what is human. We have built concrete structures, roads, mass agriculture, houses over every inch that we have been allowed to. Thus, leaving no space for nature and in the process separating ourselves from natural environments.

Generations have passed…

and mankind has taken over more and more land, but now do we find ourselves cornered, squashed into a realm where we are lost.

Whilst we are losing our connection to nature, we seemingly and without noticing, have become engrossed in a world of projections.

These projections through multiple screens where we spend time glued to more than anything else. What is it that draws us all in so much to a computer, a phone or a TV? We can never get enough and we are slowly losing touch with the natural world around us. Is this now our new normal?

Online articles and tech journalists predict robots in the future, but I think we might already have shifted and been programmed to act in robotic ways. Artificial intelligence is slowly seeping through the cracks. Keep in mind that nearly 77% of all devices we handle today use some form of AI technology ( A lot of which is being used to generate even more income for corporations with little thought for mental health of the users.

Mental health has been heavily impacted and declining…

so much so that a recent study found that stress and anxiety disorders in the US are at record highs. If modern technology is meant to bring so many benefits, it is clearly not working. So, we must act now to spread awareness and let ourselves live raw, authentic lives in the natural world. We have to look out for each other and for nature before the next generation is brainwashed.

woman sitting on gray stone‘The world is your oyster’ but our planet and all its former glory and beauty we turn a blind eye to. Our minds are too complex; we think too far ahead into the future and what is the next best thing? In the process we end up forgetting the most valuable things, (that are free), leaving them behind us. So, the question is, are we moving forward like we believe we are, or three steps back?

There are nearly 4 billion of us using the internet daily. Half the world’s population stuck to computers whilst the mountains and oceans are screaming out to us. The average adult living in the US spends more than 11 hours in the digital world (, and this is on a daily basis. If we could just put our devices down and go out into the free world more frequently, we might not get any wifi, but we will definitely have a better connection to each other!

Looking down from a bird’s eye view and seeing we are these creatures walking the earth, not paying attention or too distracted, where we should be absorbing every bit of our natural surroundings and making it a part of our lifestyle. Instead, we shut it off, demolish it, on choice or often without even realising and we replace it with foundations, buildings, roads, cars, and digital content, but why?

low angle photography of trees at daytime

It’s time to open our eyes. To the real world. The real life out there that we should never take for granted but do. Break from the system of consumerism, online addictions, and the never ending stream of marketing pushing us to buy something new.

Mother nature gives us everything we need without asking for anything in return, so we must learn to live in harmony with it. We should never take for granted the beauty of the world around us, and we need to break free from the chains of our digital addictions and embrace the physical world.