In the largest event so far, over 20 writers signed up for the open readings with the Writers Initiative Open readings held in partnership with the Barbican. This includes 4 people who have signed up through the Barbican’s advert on Eventbrite.

These events are growing in popularity and one of the striking factors of these open readings is how much people just enjoy reading their work and getting constructive feedback on it. Humans are, after all, natural-born storytellers and it’s somewhat of a sad fact that the tradition of oral storytelling has been lost. This is though something the Writers Initiative intends to make a large contribution towards and to being back at least to some degree.


Open Readings (Online) – In partnership with the Barbican Library

Saturday, Oct 31, 2020, 10:30 AM

Online event

20 Members Went

For this open reading, I am having to book this a week earlier as I can no longer make the first weekend in Nov. This next open reading in partnership with the Barbican Library will be online. The previous online open reading events have gone really well and it will be great to see all those who attend this next open reading. — Join us in a frien…

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