Julian is the debut writer for the new fiction section of the Writers Initiative and also have recently completed his first novel: The Affair in Blue Pages

The Affair in Blue Pages


The Affair in Blue Pages

An unpredictable rare book dealer delves into the pursuit of happiness online. Misha—a pen name—is fifty years old and can hardly navigate the internet. Yet, he starts a blog and shares his suspicion of his wife’s infidelity. He soon winds up telling everyone scandalous details about her and their relationship. Clueless Bab is twenty-six years younger and suffers from panic attacks. She thinks everyone her age is superficial.

Misha’s life seems to lead to a trainwreck, while it encourages online voyeurism. He’d do anything to justify his bad choices and redeem himself before the eyes of his anonymous audience. People react with comments of praise, indignation, fawning, and graphic language. The story goes viral, until one of his readers tries to track him down.

Experimental. Playful. Obsessive. A novel.



Julian Faustini is a writer working and leaving in London, but originally from Italy. He has recently completed, The Affair in Blue Pages, his first novel and its available for purchase now. For further updates and news, from Julian, please see his Facebook link here or his blog